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Patricia's Salon Great Reviews

Patricia's Hair Salon has been servicing the heart of NYC, New York for the past twelve years. Now firmly established as one of the original beauty hair salons in New York, expect a diverse clientele comprising of market traders, women's, young adults, teenagers, fashion industry players, actress, TV models and Celebrities.

Patricia's Hair Salon Special Features are as Follows

  • Friendly and relaxed atmosphere
  • Specially selected Music of the Month
  • Complimentary consultation
  • 24hr online booking
  • Exclusive Quality hair care products

We recommend that all appointments are booked in advance, but walk-in's may also be obtainable on the day.

Patricia's Salon Great Reviews

Beauty inside and out - Patricia's Hair Salon - by Danielle Reiss at Citysearch

When moving from one city to another, one of the most difficult "to-do's" is finding that new person to do your Hair. So I feel so lucky to have found Patricia hair Extensions Salon so soon after coming back to NYC.

As it turns out, Patricia hair Extensions Salon is the rarest of finds, they're doing quality work, at competitive prices, with the MOST flexible hours anywhere, staffed by sincerely warm and caring stylists; this combo really sets this modest spot apart from the pack. From the basic haircut (for me) to the latest hair colors and trends, Patricia hair Extensions Salon is pretty much one-stop shopping.

And the outrageously convenient 7-day scheduling (including walk-ins)? Have no fear. Over the years I'd been burned at some places with same-day appointments--the less-than-stellar newbie of course was the only one with an opening. Not so at Patricia only works with good people who, like her, care about what they do. Open slots are just a perk of being open 7 days a week (nearly all day long); it allows you to get in whenever you need to.

Times are tough, but you still got to look good. Patricia hair Extensions Salon will help you look your best while treating you like family--from the very first visit. Go.

Very Reliable Patricia's Hair Salon Astoria - by Macee Tackett at Citysearch

I am writing this review to give my hairdressers, Nico, Jessica from Patricia hair Extensions Salon-Born some credit where credit is due. Let me start off by saying... I love my hair. But this wasn't always the case as my hair is really straight and thin. Somehow, when Nico cuts my hair, it seems to double in volume and even taught me some easy tips for me to use myself when styling my own hair (because I am helpless at doing my own hair). I also get my hair colored by Jessica and I am always getting compliments on my hair color. She does a really great job at color too. Not only is Nico and Jessica a terrific hairdresser, they are also very reliable (keeps their appointments on time), and prices are VERY reasonable as well.

Excellent, Excellent Hair Extensions - by Nettie at Citysearch

I had been to many salons and shops in my time, and going to Patricia's Hair Extensions Salon was a great experience. They have Valet Parking, the salon is extremely modern, and Patricia is the most knowledgeable in the business. She read my mind in what I was looking for. She is extremely quick in thought, and helped me find the right solution for my thin hair. All I can say is Thank You, thanks for all, and I am looking forward to my next visit.

Excellent haircuts and hair colors - by Edna at Citysearch

Excellent haircuts and hair colors are also done at Patricia's Hair Extensions Salon. My sister got hair extensions and she looked great. I went along with her and decided to get a hair coloring and cut while I waited. I didn't come in looking for one, since I already had a stylist. But seeing the trendy people in the salon, I thought I would try. I was not disappointed, my blonde hair color came out perfect and the haircut matched the shape of my face. I recommend trying the hair colors and cuts if you are not interested in hair extensions.

Amazing new look - by Elisabeth at Citysearch

I decided to start 2013 with a new look. My hair had always been short, for the past five years. My boyfriend help convince me to get hair extensions, and since he was picking up the tab, I figured it would be worth a chance. I found Patricia's after some serious research. She seemed to be the most qualified. When you arrive, you actually seem amazed walking in the salon. It is stunning, and crowded with other women doing hair extensions. Patricia gives an amazing free consult, much better than I had at one other hair salon in the city.The extensions came out better than I could of imagined. I looked like a totally different girl. I forgot how great I looked with long hair. It has been such a long time. Many thanks to the staff, you did a great job on my hair.

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